About Us

It was in late 2007 that the eyes of Mobel owners, Daniel Ault & Janet Kennedy, were opened to the world. They said yes to the opportunity of moving to New York, a pivotal move that has changed everything and ultimately, led them to where they are now. The couple now had access to the world, Europe was just over the pond and at their disposal, an exciting prospect for any design addict. The US proved to be so much more than they had imagined and a sense of discovery and adventure blossomed. Both Daniel & Janet thrived in the Big Apple and it was their frequent travel to Europe that inspired them to change. All of a sudden they found who they were, what they liked, what inspired them.

The couple continuously seek inspiration from travel, culture, design and materiality and have built Mobel on the belief that furniture should shape the places we spend most time in. The spaces we call home and work should improve the quality of our lives, whether we are looking to relax, entertain, unwind or seek inspiration. The collections of Mobel Design cater to these needs and fulfil the demands of simplicity, quality, and functionality.

Welcome to Mobel Design.