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Cross Bar Chair Tube by Takt

Cross Bar Chair Tube by Takt


Introducing Cross Bar Chair Tube. The new Cross Bar Chair Tube is TAKT’s response to a clear demand to bring the timeless aesthetic of the Cross design. The chair embodies the Scandinavian design principles of craft, simplicity, and elegance in a design that was circular from the start – sustainable to produce, made to last, easy and intuitive to assemble from a flatpack, and properly repairable and recyclable. To create it, Pearson Lloyd took the innovation at the heart of the original design – the eponymous cross structure beneath the seat – and optimised it for bar-stool scale.

Cross Bar Chair Tube is designed by Pearson Lloyd with a deep respect for the Danish design tradition. The compact nature of the chair suits both kitchen counter and bar heights. The addition of the backrest also gives the user a sense of direction and comfort when in use.

Cross Bar Chair Tube brings the timeless aesthetic of the Cross design into high seating areas such as bars and countertops. The resultant design is available at two seat heights – 75 cm for bars and 65 cm for countertops. Both versions feature a footrest for comfort, a smaller seat, and a smaller, lower backrest to accommodate the different ways in which people sit on bar stools compared to dining or lounge chairs.


447W x 466D x 895H x 650mmSH


Steel tube
Leather/ Fabric Upholstery


Pre-Order: Lead time 14-24 weeks. For more information on shipping rates and lead times, please contact

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