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Cross Chair Tube by Takt

Cross Chair Tube by Takt


Cross Chair Tube shares the same lightweight visual language and assembly method as its predecessor, Cross Chair, but is materially distinct. Where Cross Chair features a frame of solid oak, Cross Chair Tube incorporates a frame made of recyclable high-pressure steel with a sturdy black powder coating that adds a graphic and elegant expression.

Designed to look great from any angle, Cross Chair Tube presents enjoyable details with every view. It has clean lines and a comfortable design. Its name comes from its cross construction, which is the essence of the chair. Its sophistication radiates nuance and care.

Cross Chair Tube is designed by PearsonLloyd with a deep respect for the Danish design tradition. Its well-balanced intricacy and confident aesthetic result in a palpable presence.


502W x 481D x 767H x 457mmSH


Leather/ Fabric Upholstery


Pre-Order: Lead time 14-24 weeks. For more information on shipping rates and lead times, please contact

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