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Studio Bar Stool by Takt

Studio Bar Stool by Takt


Studio Bar Stool is designed by TAKT Studio. The gentle handling of the seat adds character while the base of the bent pipe is simple but graphically precise. The position of the footrest helps to form a rhythm in the vertical proportioning. Combine the carefully selected colours and materials to create a Studio Bar Stool that meets all your needs.

Studio Bar Stool incorporates a frame made of recyclable high-pressure steel with a sturdy black powder coating that adds a graphic and elegant expression. The seat is made from molded veneer: a durable material with a natural weight that lends authority to the design. Our products are FSC®-certified. FSC-certified forests are given time to naturally regenerate, local wildlife is sustained and worker conditions are balanced. Oak has a characteristic structure that gives a beautiful texture and a familiar tangibility to the surface. The surface is treated with natural white-pigmented oils (Smoked oak and natural oak) and water-based lacquer (Oak black). This treatment allows the wood to develop a characterful patina over time, and will also enable you to easily repair damage to the surface by applying light sandpaper and a new oil treatment – again and again.

The stool is the latest expression of everything TAKT stands for. Sustainability, modern craftsmanship, and transparency. The stools come in two heights (65 cm or 75 cm) and are designed for home and workplace settings.


365W x 452D x 650H x 650mmSH


Molded veneer
Metal frame


Pre-Order: Lead time 14-24 weeks. For more information on shipping rates and lead times, please contact

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