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Tool Chair by Takt

Tool Chair by Takt


T03 Tool Chair is designed by Rasmus Palmgren with a well-balanced approach to craft and industry. Its resulting character varies from rational to whimsical, lending an air of functionality to its beauty.

Tool Chair is a simple, versatile and almost archetypal chair in its expression and use. With four colour options based on the nuances of the Danish landscape, Tool Chair can fit into any environment while retaining an understated character.

Tool Chair embodies a balance of lightness and gravity. Its seat, made of moulded veneer, epitomises the meeting of craft and industry in its delicate and sculptural qualities. The bends in the frame result in both minimal waste materials and an intriguing modesty.


470W x 463D x 765H x 765mmSH


Moulded Veneer


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